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"Complete in all combat ranges! Open, approachable, full of martial art wisdom. Barry it's an honor to train with you and to call you friend!"

Martial Z


"Amazing school with an amazing group of people! It's not often you find a school dedicated to making unique fighters and not clones. Enthusiasm levels are high and experimentation is encouraged. Sifu Barry and everyone else do this because the love it and it shows in the lessons and the students. By far the best school around." James G

"Great school for the whole family! From my first visit, I sensed that this was the school to be at. Sifu Barry Jenkins is an excellent and wise instructor who treats his students well and gives them practical street fighting knowledge. I have been to other schools, and this is by far the best. Also, Sifu Chet Wright teaches an excellent Brazilian jiu-jitsu class for children. I'd give it 10 stars if I could."

Stephen H

"I am lucky to have found you again. I was learning from Mr. & Mrs. Jenkins over 20 years ago. I am excited to begin training and soaking up Mr. Jenkins knowledge again. 

"This is old school I remember with paul vunak great stuff!"

Shawn K

"The best Si-Fu and teachers around! An amazing place with realistic and quality instruction in the way of self defense and self discovery. If you want to gain confidence and the ability to protect yourself and others, look no further, stop on by and meet the friendly masters of this prestigious school."

Shane W

"Home away from home! If you are looking for an edge, both literally and figuratively, look no further!"

Brian M

"Coming from the the JKD grappling line, the Paul Vunak line is both a refresher and refreshing change. Sifu Barry holds true to the JKD roots with old school Jaun Faun and also provides practical applications with various sparring drills. The instructors are great, very chill and knowledge with a broad range of backgrounds."

Ryne L

"Participating in this program continues to be such an awesome experience for our eight year old daughter. She truly benefits from being able to set and achieve short and long term goals. Progressive offers more than physical skills, they also incorporate character development. As a parent, I also prefer being able to choose the amount of time and financial commitment with their flexible, no contract enrollment." 

Shane M

"Complete training in street defense. Kicking, striking, trapping, submission grappling, stick - knife defense, fire arms all here !!!"

Craig S

"Just participated on the Personal defense training. So grateful to be able to participated and learn some valuable lessons. Defense yourself, be aware of your surroundings, don't be an easy target and attack wisely! Thank you guys!! Will never forget!"

Margaret Z

" learned A lot the three days i been going. I work nights so the morning classes work well with my schedule"

Khrisa K

"Awesome training and wonderful, humble teachings from a great master, Barry Jenkins!"

Dionne Y

"Complete in all combat ranges! Open, approachable, full of martial art wisdom. Barry it's an honor to train with you and to call you friend!"

Martial Z

"Barry is a great instructor. I learned a lot from him." 

Andre T

"Amazing!!!! One of the best martial arts studios in VA!"

Nicole G

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