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Our Instructors

Barry Jenkins Sr.
 Senior Instructor 

 Barry has been training in the martial arts in excess of 40 years. During that time, he has earned an 8th degree Black Belt in Kenpo, a 8Th degree Black Belt in Okinawan Open Karate, a 8Th degree Black Belt in Tracy's Kenpo, a Black Belt in Brazilian Jiu Jitsu and a certified instructor in Wing Chun Kung Fu. In addition, he has trained in Tang Soo Do, Tae Kwon Do, Kali, PaQua, Shotokan Karate-Do, Tai Chi and is a Shootfighting instructor. He has had the privilege of training numerous mixed martial arts champions on a local and regional level. He has been interested in the teachings of Sigung Paul Vunak for 20 years. He considers it a great honor to have been awarded his Senior Full Instructor certification by Sigung Vunak and  was personally appointed by Sigung Vunak to be his Director of Operations and the Director of the PFS Grappling Association.


Sifu Frank Cole has been involved in the martial arts for in excess of fifteen years. Sifu Cole has been awarded his second degree black belt in Kenpo Jiu Jitsu under Sifu Barry Jenkins Sr. In addition, he has earned his purple belt in Brazilian Jiu Jitsu. Sifu Cole has an extensive knowledge in various Chinese arts such as tai chi, iron palm and iron bridge. He has studied under Sifu Barry Jenkins Sr. for many years and earned his Apprentice Instructor certification in April, 2014, under the legendary Sifu Paul Vunak and the world renowned Progressive Fighting Systems. In June, 2015, Sifu Cole was awarded his Phase One certification in Contemporary Jeet Kune Do from Senior Instructor Sifu Barry Jenkins. In an effort to embrace the reality of modern combat, Sifu Cole has been instructed in tactical shooting and medical training in an effort to become a modern day warrior.

Frank Cole 
       Kenny Letner

Kenny has been training in martial arts in excess of 25 years.  He is a 20 year combat veteran, retiring as a Navy Senior Chief Hospital Corpman.  He spent 13 years with the United States Marines where he trained in the "Marine Corps Martial Arts Program."  In addition Kenny has trained extensively in Isshin-Ryu Karate-do. Most recently, Sifu Kenny has been awarded an Apprentice Instructorship in Contemporary Jeet Kune Do and the Filipino Martial Arts under Sifu Barry Jenkins. Kenny has been awarded his blue, purple and brown belts in Brazilian Jiu Jitsu. Sifu Jenkins had this to say about Sifu Kenny: "Sifu Kenny is a modern day warrior. He has a vast amount of applied knowledge in both unarmed and armed combat. He is an accomplished marksman and is as comfortable with a high powered hangun as he is with a pair of nunchakus. Sifu Kenny is a true martial artist in every sense of the word."

Jim Guerino

 Jim Guerino is currently an active duty Electronics Technician Petty Officer serving in the United States Navy,  as well as an ACE certified Personal Trainer. He has been received military training in tactical shooting, non-compliant combatant detention and kenetic team tactics for Maritime Interdiction Operations. He began formal martial arts training in the art of Wing Chun in 2013 under Sifu Gordon Lu. In 2015 he began training Jeet Kune Do as well as expanding his current understanding of Wing Chun. Jim was awarded his Apprentice and Phase One Instructorship in Contemporary Jeet Kune Do and the Filipino Martial Arts under Senior Instructor Barry Jenkins with direct lineage to Sijo Bruce Lee. In addition, Jim is a Level 1 Certified Instructor in Wing Chun Kung Fu, a certified instructor in Rapid Assault Tactics (R.A.T.), a Full Instructor in Edged Weapons as well as a Certified Law Enforcement Instructor. Jim is known for his excellent Chi Sao, lightening fast punches, and powerful kicks. Jim is available for both private and group instruction.

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